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Define your own starting point for the internet.It will be there whenever you click your home page. Save time, be more efficient, and get to where you want to go, again and again and again.

And when you've created your own, online page, save it as your internet home page. And then, where ever you go online, simply press the Alt + Home keys on your keyboard, to return to your Alt Home Homepage - Any Time, Any Where, whenever you are online.

Every time you open your internet browser, your custom page with links, notes and more click modules will be in full view, and it will always be, only "one click away".

And access your links and notes from anywhere in the world, on any computer. Safely. Securely.

And the best of all,

Alt Home is free!

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Always OnAlways online? Optimal if you work with a dedicated computer or notebook. This mode keeps your log in information stored, so you never have to log in. Day-in, day-out - just click Alt Home and your page appears - even when you start your computer again.
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